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What’s in the Shoebox?!

Tonight is the Winter Solstice and an (almost) full moon, so it feels like a good time to send this annotated list out to keep you busy on the longest night of the year :).  I wrote this months ago, … Continue reading

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MISSA, how I

This is a love letter. My favorite place to teach asks a lot of me and of my students. No spiffy studio chock full of tools and equipment awaits us here, just folding tables covered in protective cardboard standing in a … Continue reading

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Pricing Your Work

There are two ways to set prices. You can take a market-based approach, and look at what other artists charge for similar work, or you can take a cost-based approach. I feel that many artists choose a market-based approach because … Continue reading

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The “awwwh” Factor: When Failure is Success!

STOP!! Don’t throw away that misshapen, mangled, completely-didn’t-turn-out-how-you-wanted-it-to-be project! Instead, toss it into the bottom of your toolbox and let it marinate with scraps of metal and seldom used tools. Why am I so emphatic about this? Because you need … Continue reading

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