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Be Kind to Fish! Dispose of ALL Spent Pickle Responsibly.

The sad truth is that the  “safe” “organic” “natural” or “food grade” products sold as jewelry pickle are only all of those things BEFORE you use them. Even after you use them they are still (relatively) safe for you and your drains, … Continue reading

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Pickle Tags

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be teaching another silver stack rings class, so I made pickle tags for my students. Nothing fancy, but SO useful (like that horseshoe nail in the adage). If you need to pickle a bunch of similar but … Continue reading

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Gah! Pickle Turned My Silver and Brass PINK…

Copper is awesome.  It carries electricity through our world, and it makes many things blue, like octopus blood and turquoise stones.  We’ve been making stuff out of copper for, oh, something like 10,000 years. Yep. Really. No surprise that we magpie … Continue reading

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